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We are now working on an all new flow program, these are the hookups to the awesome people we've met along the way. We've been doing this since sponsoring athletes (benifiting from the word of mouth) and we're going to give these guys an early outlet to showcase what's to come.
The best times come from the people we meet through FU Apparel and many latch to our brand, they like what we're doing, and we push each other and have fun living kicking it. The flow program, something we've been doing all along just to get our name out there, was made to show what other fun, new ways to rep TeamFUA and help promote some of our friends that are doing just that. When we met up with these people out achieving goals and working hard for what it insipires us, these guys are the future, the next up, definitely be on the look out for them.
At the same time remember sponsoring athletes sometimes means investing in them, and the fact is we can afford extra handouts or discounts bonuses from time to time. TeamFUA riders follow a slightly different set of benefits but you're apart of the FUA family no less. We also can't dilute any market by doing what almost every rising brand does add a "sponsored" tag to the average at best because they're friends. We think these guys are dope we give them shine while they go out and get it. Sign up along with the other TeamFUA applicants at the Join TeamFUA tab to be considered, that way we know who to look for when we've got some extra stuff around.
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